Level 4-7

This page contains the solution of level 4-7 (Group Running) in world 4 (City Tour) from the popular iOS and Android game Pudding Monsters. Below you can find a 0-stars and 3-stars walkthrough, including a video of how to earn the crown.

3 stars

Slide the bottom-left monster to the right and the top-right red-monster to the left. Next step is important, move all the purple monsters left and slide the top-left 4-eyed monster right.

0 stars

Move the bottom-left monster up and 3x right. Then move all the purple monsters down to finish with 0-stars.


Aspen is the best

Posted on 05/22/2013

Amazing helped soo much! But how about 2 stars and 1 star? :/ <3


Posted on 05/24/2013

LOL idiot there is no solution for 2 and 1 star.


Posted on 05/25/2013

Kangos, that's sort of mean and I'm in the fifth grade and have a 7th degree black belt in karate I can hunt u down. Just kidding about the hunting part.


Posted on 06/26/2013

Yeah helped me a lot too

Person 55

Posted on 10/27/2013

Kangos, was that really necessary? If you asked a good question and some yelled "LOL NOOB THERES NO ANSWER!!" I don't think you'd feel that great. Think about what you did, what you could've done instead,

No name

Posted on 01/19/2014

Thx! The vids were really helpful!

cool boy 8

Posted on 04/22/2014

Keeps helping more and more Thx I got stuck on a few lvls but u helped Lol


Posted on 05/27/2014

Thanks been stuck on that level for a week!

Milk barf 9

Posted on 06/16/2014

I feel like an idiot!!

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