Level 3-25

This page contains the solution of level 3-25 (Your Moves are Limited) in world 3 (The Neighborhood) from the popular iOS and Android game Pudding Monsters. Below you can find a 0-stars, 1-star, 2-stars and 3-stars walkthrough, including a video of how to earn the crown.

3 stars

Slide the monster up into the duplicator. Next, move the bottom-left monster up. The top-right monster up and left. And move the bottom monster 2x down, left and up.

2 stars

Move the single monster up. Then the bottom-left monster up and the top-right monster left. Slide the bottom monster 2x down, left and up to finish with only two stars.

1 star

Move the monster up. Move the top-right monster to the left and down. Move the bottom-left monster up. Slide the top-left monster up. Move the top-right monster to the left (creating a 3-eyed monster) and down. Now move the bottom monster 2x down, left and up.

0 stars

This one is easy. Move the monster up, the top-left monster right and the bottom-left monster down and up.



Posted on 03/28/2013

Thank you so much! It helped me much!


Posted on 05/22/2013

0 star is move up, top-left monter right and the bottom-left monter down+right+up


Posted on 05/25/2013

I can't do it


Posted on 05/27/2013

I can't get 0 stars..


Posted on 06/12/2013

Move the bottom-left eye right, bottom-right eye up, upper-right eye left and the upper-left eye down. Then, move the 2 most right monsters down and left to create a 3-eyed monster. Move this monster up to finish the level with no stars.


Posted on 09/18/2013

Thx it really gets me through


Posted on 09/21/2013

I don't get it


Posted on 11/03/2013

Thank you so much!with the ones written down I got a crown 😁


Posted on 01/23/2014

I think this is level 3-10

Queen Tecna

Posted on 04/27/2014

This is my 3-10 level

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