Level 3-14

This page contains the solution of level 3-14 (Code Red) in world 3 (The Neighborhood) from the popular iOS and Android game Pudding Monsters. Below you can find a 3-stars walkthrough, including a video of how to earn the crown.

3 stars

Push the eyeball up, right, up, right, down, left. Then move the 2-eyed monster up, right, up, right and down. That was pretty easy, right?


Sue Johnson

Posted on 01/23/2013

hi, I am stuck on this level, getting three stas was really easy for me, but I cannot play it complete, I'm going for the crown! For some reason I can only get three stars solution to this level, I hope you can help, it looks impossible! Thank you, Sue J.

Helpful Savior

Posted on 06/09/2013

You can only get 3 stars, because that's all they are looking for.


Posted on 06/28/2014

Thanks this helps a lot and how do u get a crown

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