Level 2-7

This page contains the solution of level 2-7 (Red versus Purple) in world 2 (Room Invaders) from the popular iOS and Android game Pudding Monsters. Below you can find a 0-stars, 1-star, 2-stars and 3-stars walkthrough, including a video of how to earn the crown.

3 stars

Push the bottom-left monster up and the top-left monster down. Next, move the purple monsters left and push the left monster to the right.

2 stars

Swipe the bottom-left monster up, 2x right and up. Move both left monsters right to finish with 2 stars.

1 star

Swipe the top-left monster down and the bottom-left monster up. Move this big monster 2 times right.

0 stars

Move the top-left red monster 2x right and the bottom-left red monster 2x right too. Move them to the middle purple monster and move the 5-eyed monster 3x left to finish with 0 stars.


shelly kronenbitter

Posted on 04/25/2013

how do u get no stars


Posted on 05/19/2013

I cant figure out no stars either


Posted on 01/18/2014

when it says 2x just move it so it will hit something then move it again


Posted on 04/17/2014

the hardest is the three stars one cuz i figured out the rest but not the three stars


Posted on 07/08/2014

To bring zero stars look up or here it is move the topleft red monester 2x right and the bottom left red monester 2x right too. Move them to the middle purple monsterand move the 5 eyed monester 3x left to finish with 0 stars.


Posted on 12/31/2014

For 3 stars, put the top left and bottom left to the middle red monster. Then, put the purple monsters to the left (to break the ice) and put the big red monster ( the one that kinda looks like a C) to the right. Good Luck! And sorry if it's too complicated.

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