Level 2-5

This page contains the solution of level 2-5 (Washing the Dishes) in world 2 (Room Invaders) from the popular iOS and Android game Pudding Monsters. Below you can find a 1-star, 2-stars and 3-stars walkthrough, including a video of how to earn the crown.

3 stars

Push the right green monster left and down. Then move the other green monster right. Move the synchronous monsters down, the 2-eyed monster up and the purple monster left.

2 stars

Move the right slime monster left and the left slime monster right. Then move the purple monsters down, the right 2-eyed monster down and the other 2-eyed monster up.

1 star

Move the left slime monster right and up. Then move the other slime monster left. Move the synchronous monsters down. Then move the 2-eyed monster down and the purple monster right.



Posted on 05/18/2013

Way cool


Posted on 05/19/2013

I think that this is a very helpful website


Posted on 05/30/2013

Can someone help with the 1-star solution


Posted on 06/01/2013

For 1 star-Move Right green monster left, left green monster right and up, purple down, left purple right, mustache monster down.


Posted on 06/01/2013

(Help with 1-star solution). Left green move right then up, right green move left, purple move down, left purple move right, right two eyed monster move down.


Posted on 08/26/2013

Thank youuuuu

Queen Tecna

Posted on 04/15/2014

1-Star-Solution: Lefr green monster right and up, right gree monster left, purple monsters down, left purple monster right, horizontal 2-eyed monster down. that's it


Posted on 06/04/2014

This website is awesome it's $00000 helpful


Posted on 07/07/2014

Thanks it was hard to get three stars

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