Earn achievements by completing difficult tasks in the game Pudding Monsters. There are a total of 26 achievements you can achieve. This page shows a list of all achievements from the game and explains how to earn them.

Hot Dog Monster achievement

Hot Dog Monster

Create a 8-eyed hot dog shaped monster
Mega Bump achievement

Mega Bump

Bump a 7-eyed monster with a spring
Running Together achievement

Running Together

Move synchronous monsters 5 times on a single level
Reproduction achievement


Create 30 monster clones on a single level
Slime trap achievement

Slime trap

Get 3 monsters in a slime trail simultaneously
Donut Monster achievement

Donut Monster

Create a donut-shaped monster
I Like to Move It achievement

I Like to Move It

Move 500 monsters
Monster Party achievement

Monster Party

Stick two 7-eyed monsters
No Time For Sleep achievement

No Time For Sleep

Wake up 150 Sleepy monsters
Spring Pusher achievement

Spring Pusher

Bump 150 monsters with a spring
Episode 1 - Perfect achievement

Episode 1 - Perfect

Get all stars in the first episode
Episode 2 - Perfect achievement

Episode 2 - Perfect

Get all stars in the second episode
Episode 3 - Perfect achievement

Episode 3 - Perfect

Get all stars in the third episode
Episode 4 - Perfect achievement

Episode 4 - Perfect

Get all stars in the fourth episode
Episode 5 - Perfect achievement

Episode 5 - Perfect

Get all stars in the fifth episode
Slime Spin achievement

Slime Spin

Make the Slime monster turn 7 times
Curiosity achievement


Tap About button
Big Monster achievement

Big Monster

Create a 10-eyed monster
Huge Monster achievement

Huge Monster

Create a 20-eyed monster
Puddingzilla achievement


Create a 25-eyed monster
Spying Eye achievement

Spying Eye

Hit one eyeball with another 30 times on a single level
Tunnel Monster achievement

Tunnel Monster

Move a 3-eyed monster through a tunnel
Positive Attraction achievement

Positive Attraction

Use a magnet to attract a plus-shaped monster
Pudding King achievement

Pudding King

Crown 100 levels
Powerlifter achievement


Move the same object 10 times on the same level with Powerlifters
Separation achievement


Split a 6-eyed monster into 3 equal parts



Posted on 03/22/2013

Puddingzilla can also be achieved on level 32 Uncontrollable growth.

Start by stacking 2 groups of 3 at the top and bottom. Then fill the middle line and move it right to fill above & below the clone machine. Put 3 in the middle again and move them up. Put another 3 in the middle.
You now have a block of 3x4 at the top, a block of 3x2 at the bottom, 3 above the machine and 2 below (23). Move the bottom 2 right to join and make 4x2. Move the top down 1 to clone (24). Move the top group of 13 down. Finally move the top 2 down 1 to clone (25) and the final odd one left.

Result is columns of 6,6,6,5,2 25.Took me a while!



Posted on 03/30/2013

How to get the "Hot Dog Monster" please?


Posted on 05/05/2013

Hot Dog needs to be verticle. You can get it on one of the first fifty stages. Sorry I cant be more specific.


Posted on 05/05/2013

what does spring mean? i dont get it. i unlocked all of achievements but "mega bump" and "spring pusher". pleeeeeaaaaase?!


Posted on 05/08/2013

Can someone help me please ? I cant get "Curiosity", i tried to tap about button but i cant get the achievemeant. I tried it in diffreant levels too but not working .


Posted on 05/13/2013

I cant get curiosity too... Just missing it... Someone can help me?


Posted on 05/17/2013

You can get "Spring Pusher" in World 3 Level 18, "Mega Bump" in World 3 Level 21, "Powerlifter" in World 5 Level 5


Posted on 05/17/2013

Separation can be achieved on 5-24 by moving the left monster to the right x2. then move the bottom glob up.


Posted on 05/18/2013

Powerlifter please ? What is the map of powerlifters achievemnt ?

Kevin Bacon

Posted on 05/18/2013

For the "Curiosity" achievement, go back to the main screen with the big play button. Tap the button shaped like a gear. Then tap the button labeled "About."


Posted on 05/18/2013

I know how to get the powerlifter achievement, it is done on level 5-5 by moving the top powerlifter down 2 times, the right powerlifter left 2 times, and the bottom powerlifter up 6 times to get it.


Posted on 05/19/2013

Powerlifter can be done on 5-05


Posted on 05/19/2013

Nervous, see my post, you can get the Powerlifter in World 5 Level 5...

Capn Crunchy

Posted on 05/19/2013

Powerlifter Achievement Guider

On the level 5-05 move the top pushmonster down x2, then move the right pushmonster left x2, and finally move the bottom pushmonster up x6.

Your freakin welcome,
Capn Crunchy

Le Power Lifter

Posted on 05/19/2013

Power Lifter Level 5-24


Posted on 05/20/2013

Positive attraction 4-15 not 16


Posted on 05/21/2013

How i can unlock Spraying Eye ? I don't understand the aim


Posted on 05/21/2013

I can't get the slime trap, can anyone help me?


Posted on 05/25/2013

Thanks u helped me a lot


Posted on 05/27/2013

Attractor - positive attractor is 4-16 not 4-15. There are only 3 puddings plus the magnet in 4-15 making the plus sign impossible.


Posted on 05/27/2013

For spying eye, go to level 3-17, and roll the middle eye back and forth 30 times.

Esquire Cats

Posted on 05/28/2013

For Spying Eye achievement this is super easy on level 4-8


Posted on 05/29/2013

Mega Bump in level 3-21


Posted on 06/06/2013

were could i get the about buttom ?


Posted on 06/07/2013

Done 2-23 level 10 times or so and I still have not achieved Slime Trap.


Posted on 06/07/2013

I just got this game on my KindleFireHD and my whole family is loving it! My problem is that it says this game doesn't support achievements. Is it the version I'm playing or because it's on Kindle? Any help??? Thanks!!


Posted on 06/10/2013

@Kas I think the Android version on your tablet doesn't support achievements yet. It probably will in the near future when Google Play is updated with a game center.


Posted on 06/12/2013

Thank you raven!!!!:)


Posted on 06/14/2013

You are welcome Melissa! I just love this game, I do the levels over and over again. Rosa, for the About button, follow Kevin's instructions, go to the setting button (bottom right, shaped like a gear) and the About button is the last one on that page. This is for the iPod iPhone app.


Posted on 08/01/2013

to positive atraction:the 3 magnet and one sleeping monsters are in 4-16 on android and in 4-15 there are the many red and one magnet, i think there is a difference between ios and android


Posted on 09/09/2013

mega bump for android: 3-22!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted on 12/01/2013

To do "Curiosity" , you just need to tap the "about" button


Posted on 01/21/2014

Wowza, problem solved like it never happend.


Posted on 03/25/2014

Slime trap: move left-green up, then middle green up and left-red 2x left , middle left-red 1x left and last green up and last red left


Posted on 05/06/2014

How do I make the the plus for possible attraction?


Posted on 05/07/2014

I keep playing continuously but I'm not getting the crowns. What am I doing wrong?


Posted on 05/20/2014

How u get hot dog monster? I tried fifteen times and cudnt get it.


Posted on 06/22/2014

Donut monster .. please guys help !!


Posted on 06/22/2014

I tried to do a donut but the achievement is just not happening !


Posted on 07/17/2014

i cannot get new achievements, sky view unlocked, powerlifter unlocked but it says i dont have it


Posted on 07/17/2014

i cannot get new achievements, sky view unlocked, powerlifter unlocked but it says i dont have it

City view unlocked!

Posted on 08/21/2014

I don't know if I got puddingzilla yet


Posted on 08/22/2014

User means the thing that knocks monsters back that's introduced in the neighbourhood.


Posted on 08/22/2014

John wants the level with 3 slime guys & 3 normal guys

I Like Sushi

Posted on 12/16/2014

Did any one know that there are Easter eggs in pudding monsters? There are three. One is finding and clicking on a tiny pudding monster on a mountain on the first level of sky view. Two is use 150 moves on any level. Three is going into "about" and watching the whole thing, then there will be a button that says "click if you want pudding". Click it. The three levels you unlock are all different. One is a desert with cacti you can't land on, two is a swamp where there are logs that you can go through one way. The last, (which I personally think will be a new update) is space where you can't go near "planet blocks" in any of the block near unless you use a new type of pudding called "Alien Pudding" it is able to destroy "planet blocks". These are all fun levels, hope I helped!

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